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Adaptive Fashion

Custom Tailoring

The Problem Statement

I need custom tailoring for my apparel as I am a special needs person and require a lot of movement during sports and travel.

The Goal Statement

Design an app which has capability to take order from a special need person and let the tailor understand the same to output a near perfect apparel.

The Research

  • It is difficult for people with special needs to get custom apparel.
  • The material for the apparel is mostly not suitable for people  with limited movement.
  • If the person has hyper movement then the apparel and material does not provide comfort and flexibility.
  • The stitched clothes should support long hours of wear and movability.
  • Should go with latest trend in fashion, print and colour. 

The Solution


  • Aesthetics 
  • Navigation
  • Typography
  • Visual design
  • Accessibility


  • As most of my target audience will be specially abled need of accessibility is the most important.
  • The need to get information describing disability can be intimidating, hence special care needs to be taken to get the input right or else the whole effort fails. 
  • The solution should make them aware of the product and its colour and feel.
  • The accessibility feature should also be added, meaning, read aloud, haptic feed back.
  • How many categories are we considering/addressing ? Category based on need: Physically disabled, recovery , elderly, assisted dressing, dwarfism, Patients ? Category based on apparel: Headgear, footwear, top wear, bottom wear, full length body suit, bath wear, 

The Process

Empathise, define, ideate, design, test 


User research,

Empathy Mapping,

User persona,

User journey map,

Competitive analysis


Value Proposition,

Competitive analysis,

Goal Statement,

Problem statement,

Hypothesis statement.




Information Architecture





Style guide

Visual Design


Usability Test

Affinity Mapping

Survey Insight

Empathy Mapping

User Persona

User Journey

User Flow

User Survey

Style Guide