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Enhancing UI/UX

HDFC Bank Mobile Application

I require a better UI for the HDFC banking app so that its present app becomes easy to understand and navigate.
Redesign the app to achieve a more understandable, usable, design, easy to pay with fewer taps, and bill pay solution.
Empathise, define, ideate, design, test 


User research,

Empathy Mapping,

User persona,

User journey map,

Competitive analysis


Value Proposition,

Competitive analysis,

Goal Statement,

Problem statement,

Hypothesis statement.




Information Architecture





Style guide

Visual Design


Usability Test

Affinity Mapping

Survey Insight

User Research

  • Need to find out what I am looking for in first glance.
  • Its difficult to navigate through the small cues.
  • The text is in very fine style which makes less readable.
  • The text colour is light .
  • Things are distributed all over the screen
  • The splash/ loading screen has a squeezed image.
  • The UPI is very difficult to use and hence does not make it convenient to use in everyday application.
  • The application is slow,
  • Log out session is very long and 

Interview Questions

Open ended question
  • What is ur personal experience while using the app and what difficulty did you face.
  • What is the Problem you face when u navigate through the app.
  • Are you comfortable with the text(quantity/Placement) on screen ? Is the text clear enough to read ?
  • Do u find issues while searching for a particular service on screen ?
  • Are the transaction services easy to use ?
Close ended question
  • What is your frequency of using this application ? 
  • How much would you like to rate the screen loading time?
  • How much would you like to rate the transactional time?
  • Have you felt any difficulty during logging in and logging out  ?

Empathy Map

User Journey map

User Flow

User Survey

Style Guide